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Starting with the right frame is everything > Tailoring the approach to ensure more realism > Seeking a richer fusion of perspectives > Promoting high energy discussions > Finding a clear direction to set your brand apart



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Why Bloodhound

Research too often tells us what we intuitively know; providing an explanation of what's happening in the present but failing to paint a picture of the future and the opportunities within reach. We believe projects need to challenge more from the outset; they need to work harder, smarter and more creatively if they are to glean the sorts of 'breakthrough insights' companies need to grow.

The process begins with asking the right sorts of questions upfront...

Over the last 3 years, Bloodhound has worked with a wide diversity of NZ organizations across a broad spectrum of categories (The NZ Herald, Fisher and Paykel, Sony, Massey University, Spicers, Healtheries, Masterfoods, Goodman Fielder, Visique, Fairydown and Charlies to name a few) through both commissioned projects and its reports on particular NZ audiences. The references provided by these companies highlight Bloodhound’s ability to deliver both rich and very actionable insights.

Bloodhound looks for enjoyable working relationships built on mutual respect and appreciation, good flows of communication and the freeness to express new ideas and approaches.


Our People

All Bloodhound research projects are led and facilitated by Christina Bull with Trish Du Temple providing expertise on communication specific projects. In addition, Bloodhound regularly teams up groups of 'senior' independent researchers to service larger or longer term projects.

Christina Bull: Research Director
With over 15 years experience as a Market Research consultant specialising in Consumer Motivational Research and Brand Strategy, Christina brings valuable expertise in the fields of consumer motivational research, evaluating communication effectiveness and identifying new opportunities to connect with consumers.

Christina has a marketing degree and studied behavioural psychology and communication in the US. Before founding Bloodhound she worked as a consultant for Taylor Nelson Sofres World Wide across Europe with major blue chip companies like Orange UK, Royal Mail UK Anchor (in Dubai), Nestle, and Guinness. Prior to that she worked at Focus Research in NZ (across a full spectrum of industries and brands (TVNZ, Telecom, AUT, NZ Tourism Board, Coca Cola Australia, Unilever, Arnotts, Nestle and Kelloggs).

Trish Du Temple: Communications Strategist
Working with leading edge organizations Trish has specialist knowledge and experience in 'Consumer centric Integrated Communications Planning', 'Effective communication weight management' for brands in different market situations, Marketing Assets/Sponsorship leverage, Brand Portfolio management, and ROI advertising/sponsorship models. Recognising the value of understanding different consumers and the way they think, Trish is also qualified as a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Trish has valuable strategic communications experience that spans both locally and internationally. As part of Universal McCann Australia she lead and managed Johnson & Johnson's media business across Asia Pacific. Prior to this role she headed up Coca-Cola South Pacific Media and Marketing Assets team, playing an instrumental role in evolving the business from Media Planning to Integrated Communications Planning.

Internationally, Trish led and developed UM Prague (responsible for Czech and Slovak territories) into a strategically driven media agency delivering innovative and relevant communication solutions that stemmed from greater consumer insights. This reputation was recognised not just by the market and legacy clients (General Motors, Nestle, Gillette, L’Oreal), but by acquired clients such as Unilever, South African Breweries (largest Brewery in CR), and J & J who all awarded her team their AOR Media business.

Amelie Pape: Branding Strategist
Amelie brings expertise in brand strategy and execution. She has valuable brand experience both locally and internationally; working for some major FMCG companies here in NZ (Griffins Foods, NZ Dairy Foods, Charlies brands) and multinationals overseas (Nestle, Kraft Foods, Danone). She understands the importance of great insights and the contribution to growth that they can make. Her audacious spirit and shared passion for delivering more actionable outcomes makes her a valuable contributor on Bloodhound projects. Amelie has a four year business management degree specializing in FMCG Marketing with honours.

Nichola Phillis: Fresh Focus Australia
Whilst a Kiwi at heart, Nichola Phillis has over 8 years experience in the Australian market research industry working across a broad range of industries and leading brands including: Banking and Financial Services (St George, Perpetual, Westpac, FINSIA and Virgin Money), Media (Fairfax Business Media and ABC Kids), Pharmaceuticals (CSL, Medicines Australia), FMCG (Nestle, J&J and Dairy Farmers), Travel & Tourism (Qantas, Jetstar and AAE ) and Not for profit organisations (Starlight Children’s Foundation). She brings skills and expertise across both qualitative and quantitative projects as well as strong relationships with a broad network of recruiters, research facilities, qualitative/quantitative researchers and online survey partners across Australia.


Reports & Insights

The Bloodhound Syndicated reports bring together organisations that have a common interest in a particular NZ audience. They deliver valuable consumer insights, fresh thinking and new ideas on engaging the hearts, minds and wallets of New Zealanders. They involve senior people with a high level of strategic experience and a proven track record of delivering actionable insights to aid and sustain business growth.

In addition, Bloodhound reports uniquely give companies the opportunity to explore an audience at a category/brand specific level while at the same time drawing on the volume of insights 'collectively over all sponsors' to reveal key marketing principles for success with these audiences. They serve as an excellent cost effective means of aiding the development of effective marketing and communication strategies, kick starting product development initiatives and acquiring competitive edge.

What the syndicated reports deliver:

To date Bloodhound has conducted three major reports, with a new report 'Today's Generation of Mums with Kids’ planned for 2009. To read an outline or each report and what it covers click on the titles below. If you’d like to order a report or are interested in finding out more please contact us.

The Affluent Mind
The Digital ZOO
Boomer Bonanza
Upcoming Report: Today’s Generation of Mums with kids



"The New Zealand Herald has found involvement in Bloodhound Research projects to have been extremely rewarding. The consumer insights gathered are always rich and have direct relevance to our business issues. The Bloodhound Team then apply their own in-depth media marketing knowledge and global business experience to deliver both comprehensive and actionable Reports."
Carin Hercock, Market Information Manager, APN New Zealand National Publishing

"The Bloodhound "Affluent" report (together with our own specific brand/product related projects) have enabled us to sharpen Sony’s appeal to this influential group of New Zealanders. They have delivered fresh insight into our key consumers’ perception of Sony; what influences them and what creates that important 'talk ability' factor. Their reports have provided us with in depth segmentation and analysis of media habits, highlighting particular 'media winners' and their respective roles within our marketing mix. Where Bloodhound really added significant value is in their practical application of consumer feedback. We would recommend Bloodhound to any organisation in New Zealand looking to sharpen their competitive edge".
Matt Walton Smith, Consumer Products Division Manager, Sony NZ Ltd

"The insights and interpretation of the research findings provided by Bloodhound Research were outstanding. Consumer feedback was clearly articulated and modeled to provide an in-depth understanding and key actionable Outputs. This has allowed the Marketing team to clearly understand the target market as a whole and the relevance of our categories, and has provided some pertinent actions across the marketing mix to form a better relationship with this population and to deliver better products and information to satisfy their needs."
Sarah Rainger, Executive Manager Marketing and Development, Healtheries

"The value of working with Bloodhound is apparent from the start - the level of detail in the preparation, the research techniques and the manner in which they conduct the research is all first class. But it is in the analysis of the findings and the presentation of insightful and actionable results where Bloodhound comes into its own. Bloodhound provided Fairydown Bedware with an invaluable insight into the bedding market, pinpointing consumer’s perceptions and behaviour while highlighting key areas in our marketing mix for development. Bloodhound also provided strategic direction on how to foster closer bonds with consumers' underlying needs to strengthen our leadership position in the market."
Eugene Ruane, Marketing Executive, Pacific Brands Homewares NZ

"The Digital Zoo report provided an in-depth and insightful look at the way we interact with digital media and the impact this has had on traditional media. The Bloodhound report gave clear, accurate and actionable advice on how we can tailor our digital communications to best talk to our market. While interested in most market segments, our primary interest is in youth. We gained great insight into how quickly young New Zealanders have become digital savvy and how best to meet their expectations through this media and appeal to their preferences. Going forward, the research gives us an excellent guide for planning and development in our web, phone and email communications. I look forward to working with Bloodhound again on future projects."
Rachel Grant, Marketing Analyst, Victoria University of Wellington

"Bloodhound provided Fisher and Paykel with the direction and confidence to completely revamp and streamline our top end media spend, resulting in a more effective investment in marketing our Quantum range of Appliances. Bloodhound’s intelligent use of emotive-based segmentation provided a blueprint of our consumers and their media habits as well as the competitive media offerings to enhance our decision making process. With this better grasp of our affluent market, we reviewed and restructured our communication strategy to more directly target our consumers with advertising more relevant to them. Not only was the report very good commercial value, we are now more effectively spending our precious advertising dollars, we have increased our knowledge of affluent consumers and have better focused our marketing strategy."
Marketing Manager, Roger Bridge, Fisher and Paykel

"The Bloodhound research was very insightful - highlighting attributes and risk areas on which we had not previously focused particularly. They moved their analysis beyond what participants had said, and built specific themes for development. Following a well structured path, the presentation then progressed to recommendations that we are finding very actionable. The overall impact of their work was highly positive. During this process they exhibited strong business acumen and pragmatism - great attributes to combine with their research skills. Bloodhound exceeded our expectations throughout their work with us on this project. It was not just extremely useful - but also fun and energising for the whole team."
General Manager, Brigid Hardy, Beauty Engineered for Ever, B_E_E

"Bloodhound was terrific to work with. They focused on finding out what we didn't already know, providing new insights and understanding into our business and highlighting opportunities for us where we could improve, reposition ourselves or look at things in an entirely new way. They got to grips with our business very quickly, were pragmatic, easy to deal with and added great value."
Desiree Keown Marketing Manager Cavalier Bremworth Ltd

"We needed someone who could understand and explain the product to the research groups in a way that would make their responses meaningful and who did not rely on preconceived ideas about the market. It was a pleasure working with Tina, who not only grasped the concept quickly but structured the information and research sessions in a way which allowed us to receive very valuable results. She engaged us co-operatively in the process all the way through. Very professional, helpful and effective and we were very pleased to have selected Bloodhound. They will be our first choice for future work."
Sandy Foster, AEIGIS Projects

In order to assist the College with its strategic plan and to identify its areas for future growth and focus, Bloodhound Research was commissioned to explore the needs and perceptions of potential students as well as areas for future growth and focus. The resulting report gave the College very useful directions in the development of its profile in the wider community, as well as how it carries out the daily business of educating the next generation of influential artists and designers. Tina's research has enabled us to plan more strategically and hone the delivery of our programmes, events and communications, so there is always a healthy rigor between the College and incoming students.
Professor Tony Park Head of Institute, College of Creative Arts Massey University


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